Nike x Jacquemus : Activewear for All

The highly anticipated Nike + Jacquemus collaboration is finally here.

Earlier in May famed designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus teased his collaboration with Nike on Instagram creating an insane amount of hype around the collection. After some subtle previews through Instagram, Jacquemus showcased some pieces from the collaboration at his FW22 show “LE PAPIER” which was honestly the best occasion to do so. It took place at the salt marshes of Aigues-Mortes in the South of France, which offered a clean tonal backdrop for the collection and further emphasized the neutral tones of the collaboration

Nike x Jacquemus Look 1
Photo: Nike

For this collaboration with Nike, I wanted to create a collection that reinterprets athletic women’s sportswear in a minimal way.               – Simon Porte Jacquemus

The collaboration features exclusive pieces that reimagine standard women’s sportswear. Jacquemus wanted to interpret some classic Nike styles with a more minimalistic approach while also inventing his own styles with that Jacquemus look and feel. 

Nike x Jacquemus Look 2,3,4

We designed women’s athletic wear with sensuous details and neutral colors. It was important for the collection to be accessible for all bodies, and to be a natural blend of Jacquemus style and Nike performance.             – Simon Porte Jacquemus

Nike x Jacquemus Look 5

The collection’s aim was to create pieces that are available to all body types and fuse together the iconic Jacquemus style with the high-performance elements of Nike. Discover the game-changing collection now and grab your favorite
pieces while they last.

Nike x Jacquemus Look 6, 7, 8

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Editorial Photos: LVR Photo Studio

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