Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable Stories | Chapter 3: Anya Hindmarch

For the occasion of Plastic-Free Month, LVRSustainable presents an interview series highlighting four influential sustainable brands making waves in the industry.

As Plastic-free Month takes center stage, we had the privilege of speaking with renowned fashion entrepreneur Anya Hindmarch to discuss her efforts in encouraging conscious consumerism, the importance of minimizing plastic waste, and building a more sustainable wardrobe. From her groundbreaking collections tackling post-consumer waste to her tireless pursuit of innovative materials, Hindmarch offers invaluable insights into the intersection of creativity and sustainability, leaving us inspired to take action in the name of a cleaner, greener future.

Model wearing a white blouse and beige trousers with white sneakers posing on the floor with Anya Hindmarch bags surrounding her

Plastic-free month encourages consumers to rethink their consumption habits and opt for more sustainable alternatives. How do you engage and educate your customers about the importance of reducing plastic waste?

I am committed to creating consciously and putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Projects such as I Am A Plastic Bag, launched to tackle post-consumer waste, and Return To Nature, a collection designed to biodegrade and compost (so that it could never end up in a landfill), are all about ways to reduce our impact on the earth and offer more positive choices.

Black handle bag from Anya Hindmarch sitting on a red table

What tips can you offer those who are looking to build a more sustainable wardrobe?

Invest in pieces that are made responsibly, that you love, and will last.

Women wearing a green button up holding a black and white pattern tote bag from Anya Hindmarch

The fashion industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution. As sustainability gains more importance, how do you balance the brand’s creative vision with sustainable practices, specifically in production, material selection, and minimizing plastic waste?

Fashion cannot cost the earth. We work to the mantra of ‘progress not perfection’, and I love researching and developing new, more sustainable materials and practices. The innovative cotton-canvas-like fabric in our I Am A Plastic Bag collection is made from plastic bottles otherwise destined for landfill. The leather in our Return To Nature collection is fully traceable from farms with the highest animal welfare that compost and biodegrade at the end of life. We use recycled materials wherever we can and FSC-certified paper and packaging. Our creative vision is all about finding new sustainable practices and materials.

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