Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable Stories | Chapter 1: Velvet Canyon

For the occasion of Plastic-free Month, LVRSustainable presents an interview series highlighting four influential sustainable brands making waves in the industry.

As we celebrate Plastic-free Month, it becomes increasingly vital for consumers to reflect on their consumption habits and embrace sustainable alternatives. In this era of heightened environmental awareness, brands like Velvet Canyon are blazing a trail, engaging and educating customers about the paramount importance of reducing plastic waste. Join us as we delve into the mind of Bec Nolan, the visionary co-founder of Velvet Canyon, to discover how this innovative brand is transforming the fashion industry through its unwavering commitment to sustainability. From their creative strategies to their conscientious production practices, Nolan sheds light on the brand’s mission and shares invaluable insights for building a wardrobe that embodies both style and sustainability.

Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable Stories | Chapter 1: Velvet Canyon -

Plastic-free month encourages consumers to rethink their consumption habits and opt for more sustainable alternatives. How do you engage and educate your customers about the importance of reducing plastic waste?

We like to lead by example; we don’t use single-use plastics (as much as possible, there are always those times when a manufacturer forgets that we have requested none and while it is frustrating, all we can do is our best). We are sure to reuse and, where possible, recycle the plastics that do find their way to us. While at times it feels like an uphill battle, it’s important that we keep momentum and always look for more sustainable alternatives to common plastic products.

What tips can you offer those who are looking to build a more sustainable wardrobe?

I recommend curating a small capsule wardrobe with pieces that you know you are going to wear over and over — go for the pieces that feel “you”. I also suggest asking questions to the brands you are buying from about their behind-the-scenes practices. As individuals, it can feel like we can’t really make a difference – but by letting your favorite labels know sustainability is important to you lets them know it’s a priority for their customers.

Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable Stories | Chapter 1: Velvet Canyon -

The fashion industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution. As sustainability gains more importance, how do you balance the brand’s creative vision with sustainable practices, specifically in production, material selection, and minimizing plastic waste?

Our suppliers recycle their offcuts, and while we do have quite a long way to go until technology catches up with recycling demands, we like to support new advancements, such as making the switch to Acetate Renew and Carl Zeiss bio lenses, both of which use recycled content, green energy methods and sustainably harvested plants for the cellulose acetate. While far from perfect, we are proud to be embracing recycling advancements and assisting in pushing the industry forward. We are so excited for the future!

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