Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable Stories | Chapter 2: Apnée

LVRSustainable in conversation with the luxury and sustainable men's swimwear brand Apnée

Passion, adventure and a love for the ocean: Apnée perfectly embodies the spirit of plastic-free July. For this second edition dedicated to raising awareness about an increasingly topical issue, we interviewed the CEO of the brand, Laetitia Olivieri, who told us how Apnée managed to give new life to plastic, transforming marine waste into a resource used to create fashionable, environmentally friendly clothing.

Read the editorial and join the plastic-free revolution.

Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable : Sustainable Brands Apnèe

“Recover” has become the watchword in a world that is increasingly attentive to the issue of sustainability, and the fashion industry is also aiming to minimize its environmental impact. What are the advantages of garments made from recycled fabrics and what strategies has your brand implemented to reduce the use of plastic?

Apnée was born from a passion for the ocean and the seabed. Our idea was to convey their magnificence through beachwear for men and create beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly clothing.
From this emerged the concept of turning waste into a resource, and making 100% recycled swim shorts. One pair of swim shorts is the equivalent of 10 recycled plastic bottles. It’s a small contribution, but every little bit counts.
Since the beginning, we joined the Seaqual initiative and the Surfrider foundation community to raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and highlight those helping to fight it. We believe that together, our choices and actions can bring about great change.

Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable : Sustainable Brands Apnèe

How do you propose to tackle the problem of microplastics?

First, by reducing the use of plastic. Our packaging is all made of recycled paper produced in France and Italy. We also recommend that clients wash our swim shorts in a washing bag that allows microplastics to be retained so that they do not pollute the water. Again, it doesn’t tackle the entire problem, but it helps.

In your opinion, what power do consumers have to influence the choices of brands in terms of sustainability?

Consumers have a great power to push brands to work in a more sustainable way. I often say that being sustainable is to propose high quality clothes that last for a long time. If our swim shorts were poorly made in a far-off production facility, even if they were made from 100% recycled materials, it wouldn’t be a very sustainable practice. I’ve noticed some changes in consumer habits over the last 2 years and I have the feeling that purchasing behavior is more conscious. As a brand, I think it is very important to be transparent regarding the way you work and to challenge yourself to improve everyday. We produce everything in Portugal, we prioritize small production to avoid overstock, we pay attention to the selection and origin of the fabrics, we use recycled labels and packaging produced in France and Italy, we try to encourage our community to be more sensitive… It’s a long journey, but it’s a great project!

Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable : Sustainable Brands Apnèe

What are your hopes and/or expectations regarding a more sustainable future? What can each of us do to reduce our daily consumption of plastic, beginning with our wardrobes?

I’m happy to be part of changing things with other niche brands like Apnée. It takes time and it’s difficult because some people don’t understand why it’s more expensive to produce sustainably. I hope that big brands will really engage with the topic of sustainability and will cease green washing. Fast fashion has a great part to play, and I hope they will take up the challenge now! As a consumer, it is important to acknowledge the fact that a €7 t shirt that you will throw away after 3 washes is a very bad bargain and a disaster for the planet.

Laetitia Olivieri – CEO

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