Plastic-free Month LVRSustainable Stories | Chapter 2: COMMAS

For the occasion of Plastic-Free Month, LVRSustainable presents an interview series highlighting four influential sustainable brands making waves in the industry.

Join us as we embark on the second chapter of our exclusive interview series for Plastic-free Month, shining a spotlight on sustainable brands that are revolutionizing the fashion industry. This edition takes us into the realm of COMMAS, a progressive brand deeply rooted in its connection to the natural world and redefining our sartorial choices. In this captivating conversation, we uncover how COMMAS engages and educates its customers, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of reducing plastic waste. Moreover, we unveil their advice for building a wardrobe that champions sustainability, empowering readers to make informed choices. As we traverse the realms of production, material selection, and the brand’s commitment to minimizing plastic waste, we uncover a rich tapestry of innovation and consciousness. Read along as we explore COMMAS’ steadfast vision for a plastic-free future, one garment at a time.

Model standing on fishing nets wearing resortwear from sustainable brand COMMAS
Credit: COMMAS & photographer Dudi Hasson

Plastic-free month encourages consumers to rethink their consumption habits and opt for more sustainable alternatives. How do you engage and educate your customers about the importance of reducing plastic waste?

Minimizing plastic waste is an essential initial stride toward addressing our contemporary waste challenges. We proudly collaborate with Take 3, an environmentally focused charity based in Australia dedicated to raising awareness of and resolving the critical problem of plastic pollution in our precious beaches and oceans. Additionally, it is paramount to conscientiously contemplate alternative materials and packaging solutions as part of our commitment to reducing plastic waste.

Model at the beach during sunset wearing sustainable swim shorts from COMMAS
Credit: COMMAS & photographer Dudi Hasson

What tips can you offer those who are looking to build a more sustainable wardrobe?

Exercising patience, conducting thorough research, and ensuring complete alignment with every purchase are pivotal factors to consider. By taking a deliberate and unhurried approach, we can make informed decisions that resonate with our values and beliefs. Each transaction becomes an opportunity to uphold our commitment to responsible consumption, resulting in a more meaningful and sustainable impact.

Model at the beach wearing resortwear pieces from sustainable brand COMMAS
Credit: COMMAS & photographer Dudi Hasson

The fashion industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution. As sustainability gains more importance, how do you balance the brand’s creative vision with sustainable practices, specifically in production, material selection, and minimizing plastic waste?

At the core of COMMAS’ creative mission lies a deep connection to the natural world. As a result, our fabric choices and product designs are intrinsically rooted in the use of natural materials, meticulously selected for their superior quality and longevity.

Model at the beach wearing swim and resortwear from sustainable brand COMMAS
Credit: COMMAS & photographer Dudi Hasson

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