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This section sets out Terms and Conditions applying to LVR Privilege.
Participation in LVR Privilege means that users accept and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. with registered office at Via Benedetto Varchi, 61 – 50132 Firenze, Italia. LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. as initiator and promoter of all activities available on LUISAVIAROMA and of LVR Privilege program, reserves the right to process users’ personal data voluntarily provided by users in compliance with applicable data privacy laws and regulations (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).
These Terms and Conditions supplement the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookies policy of LUISAVIAROMA.

How it Works

While registering on LUISAVIAROMA, users can choose to enroll in LVR Privilege by flagging the designated box.
To access the program, users must be logged into their account on LUISAVIAROMA. The account, rewards and LVR Points are personal and non-transferable.
Users may unenroll at any time from LVR Privilege by clicking here. Once unenrolled from the service, users can in no way use the LVR Points they have accumulated or request rewards.
Participation in LVR Privilege is a benefit granted to LUISAVIAROMA users and as such can be suspended, revoked or terminated at the sole discretion of LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. In the event of termination of participation, all benefits including all accrued LVR Points and other program benefits will automatically and immediately be forfeited. LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. shall assume no liability for unused points or any other program benefits in any event of termination of LVR Privilege.
In the event that users have previously opted out of receiving email communications from LUISAVIAROMA prior to joining LVR Privilege, they will not receive any emails connected to LVR Privilege. To reactivate email communications from LUISAVIAROMA, re-subscribe here.
Please note that users may opt-out of receiving LVR Privilege emails but still participate in the program.


When users enroll in the LVR Privilege program, they acquire the status of Bronze Level. As LVR Points are accumulated it is possible to unlock other levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and their relevant benefits.
Benefits relevant to each level can be changed at any time and might not be communicated on LUISAVIAROMA but solely through newsletters or other communication channels.

  • Bronze Level: 1-699 LVR Points
  • Silver Level: 700-2499 LVR Points
  • Gold Level: 2500-4999 LVR Points
  • Platinum Level: 5000+ LVR Points

Level status does not expire. Once a user has accumulated the necessary LVR Points to reach a specific level, they will retain that status level even if their LVR Points are used or they expire.

LVR Point Validity

Confirmed LVR Points are valid for 12 (twelve) months, they will expire on the last day of the month of their validity period. If a reward is requested, points with the earliest expiry date will be deducted from users account first. Example: Order placed on 12 March 2022. Points confirmed on 15 April 2022. Points will be valid until 30 April 2023.

Earn LVR Points

At the time of enrollment in LVR Privilege, users will immediately earn 10 LVR Points. Afterwards points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Completing a purchase on LUISAVIAROMA
  • Completing a purchase at a LUISAVIAROMA store
  • Sharing items on social networks
  • Following LUISAVIAROMA on X
  • Following LUISAVIAROMA on Instagram
  • Completing the customer profile
  • Make a purchase using your LUISAVIAROMA Gift Card obtained from LUISAVIAROMA x Vestiaire Collective resale service – “Conscious Consumer”

Points can also be earned in any way that is indicated in the section Earn LVR Points.


Full-priced items: 1 LVR Point per 1€/$/GBP/AUD
Discounted items: 0.5 LVR Points per 1€/$/GBP/AUD

Points are calculated on the single item level. Should accumulated LVR Points on an item contain a decimal number, then the awarded value will be the value before the decimal.
For example, if a customer purchases 2 (two) full-priced items: one at €299.99 and one at €150.50. The total of LVR Points to be accredited will be 299+150 =449.

For international versions where products can be purchased in currencies other than €/EUR, points are earned based on the numerical value of the billing currency $, AUD, and £.

For full-priced items: €1 = 1 LVR Point, $1 = 1 LVR Point, 1 AUD = 1 LVR Point, £1 = 1 LVR Point.
For discounted items: €1 = 0.5 LVR Points, $1 = 0.5 LVR Points, 1 AUD = 0.5 LVR Points, £1 = 0.5 LVR Points.

The number of LVR Points awarded is based on the numerical value of the billing currency, if this is changed, due to a change in shipping country the number of LVR Points will also change. For example, when an order with original shipping country to Italy and a value of €100 is changed at checkout to U.S., then the invoice value will change to $90, changing the number of points to 90 LVR Points.

When LVR Credit or a Virtual Gift Card are used as payment, the value will be deducted from the total number of points earned from the items in the order. LVR Points are not recalculated based on the total amount paid. For example, a customer purchases a discounted item with a value of €300, which corresponds to 150 LVR Points earned. At checkout €100 LVR Credit is used. The customer pays €200 but earns 50 LVR Points, because the 100 LVR Points that correspond to the value of the LVR Credit used were deducted from the total points, which were 150 LVR Points.

In-store purchases at LUISAVIAROMA

For purchases completed in one of the LuisaViaRoma stores, either in Via Roma or Via Pellico in Florence, Italy, the number of LVR Points accredited will be 1 LVR Point per 1€/EUR (euro), for all items: full-priced and discounted.

Sharing items on social networks

It is possible to earn 10 LVR Points for sharing items on Facebook. Users need to be logged into their account from a browser of their choice and click on the appropriate icon on the item page. LVR Point may be earned from sharing once every 7 (seven) days. Items shared on Facebook through the LVR App are not eligible for LVR Points.


It is possible to earn 10 LVR Points for following the LUISAVIAROMA profile on X. To earn these points the action must be done through the designated card on the Earn LVR Points page. Points will appear immediately after in the section Your Activities.

Following LUISAVIAROMA on Instagram

It is possible to earn 10 LVR Points for following the LUISAVIAROMA profile on Instagram. To earn these points the action must be done through the designated card on the Earn LVR Points page. Points will appear immediately after in the section Your Activities.

Complete the customer profile

100 LVR Points may be earned from completing the customer profile in My Area under the sections Shopping Preferences and Account. The following information must be inserted for the profile to be recognized as complete: First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, Language, Gender, Country of residence, Country Clothing Size, Clothing Size, Country Shoe Size, Shoe Size, Go-to color, Brands you like, Categories.

Make a purchase with your gift card from resale service – “Conscious Consumer”

It is possible to earn 250 LVR Points when you make a purchase using the LUISAVIAROMA gift card obtained through the LUISAVIAROMA x Vestiaire Collective resale service. To receive LVR Points the same LUISAVIAROMA account must be used for both the resale service and purchase with the LUISAVIAROMA gift card. Points can be awarded more than once for “Conscious Consumer”. Points will be added to your account at the time of purchase.

Pending LVR Points

LVR Points from purchases will be confirmed only once the return period has passed, or rather 35 (thirty-five) days after the delivery date.
LVR Points from in-store purchases will not appear in the section Your Activities until they are confirmed.
Inversely, LVR Points from online purchases will appear as “pending” in the section Your Activities, however this may take some time.
If one or more items are returned from an order, LVR Points corresponding to each item returned will be deducted from the total number of points earned. For more information, please read our Return Policy. If users proceed with a Size/Color Exchange request, LVR Points will remain as “pending” and will be credited within 35 (thirty-five) days after the exchange order delivery date.
If pre-order items were purchased, LVR Points will remain as “pending” until the merchandise is delivered, and the return period has pasted. Pre-order merchandise may take up to 6 (six) months for delivery. For purchases with available items and pre-order items, all points will be confirmed once the points for the pre-ordered items can be confirmed.

Redeem LVR Points

Once users have earned enough LVR Points, they can request rewards that the LVR Privilege program has available.
Types of rewards:

  • LVR Credit
  • Privilege Card
  • Luxury Experience
  • Free Shipping

Once requested, rewards cannot be changed or cancelled.
Each reward has a dedicated page with all relevant information pertaining to that reward. In case of questions or concerns, users are requested to write to our Customer Service at: customerservice@luisaviaroma.com before requesting a reward.

LVR Credit

Various amounts of LVR Credit are available on LUISAVIAROMA. Use conditions are specified on the page dedicated to each amount.

Privilege Card

A percentage-based discount with a validity of 6 (six) months to be used on LUISAVIAROMA. Use conditions are specified on the page dedicated to each Privilege Card.

Luxury Experience

Experiences made available by partners, exclusive to LUISAVIAROMA. Use conditions are specified on the page dedicated to each Luxury Experience.

Free Shipping

Free shipping for 12 (twelve) months on all online orders. Use conditions are specified on the page dedicated to the reward.

General Information

LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. is the promoter of the LVR Privilege loyalty program. Such program and thereto related benefits shall be considered null and void if and where prohibited by law. Taxes may apply where required by law. LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. assumes no liability for participation by users where their participation infringes state/country laws or regulations. Participation is subject to present and future program rules. Participation is only valid on LUISAVIAROMA and LVR Points may only be redeemed on LUISAVIAROMA.
To enroll in LVR Privilege no purchase is needed. To begin earning and redeeming LVR Points, users must be signed up for an account on LUISAVIAROMA with a valid username and password.
With enrollment in LVR Privilege, users also agree that LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. may process personal data collected from their LVR Privilege activity and LVR Privilege terms and conditions set out below. Please review our Privacy Policy.
The Data Controller for data collected through this website is LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A.
All personal data collected will be processed in-house by the Data Controller, except when otherwise specified in the Privacy Policy.
The Data Controller processes personal data related to users by taking appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of users’ personal data.
Personal data voluntarily provided by users are not collected in order to be associated with identified data subjects, yet they might imply users to be identified by means of processing and integration with data held by third parties.
In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases personal data may be accessible to third parties.
Commercial use (i.e., purchasing products for reselling purposes) of LVR Privilege is strictly prohibited and will be considered an abuse. LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine whether a purchase has been made for a commercial use.


LVR Privilege is offered to users who are at least 18 (eighteen) years old as of the date of their first subscription to LUISAVIAROMA.
LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify, suspend or cancel LVR Privilege without prior notice for any conduct, deemed to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions of the loyalty program and do not constitute an acceptable use of LVR Privilege. LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. also reserves the right to revoke LVR Points, at its sole discretion, for any kind of abuse or attempt of abuse of LVR Privilege committed by users.

Limitation of Liability

By joining LVR Privilege, users release LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A., any affiliated companies and employees from any and all liability of any injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this loyalty program, or acceptance or use of any points awarded. No liability is assumed for any computer, telephone, cable, network, satellite, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability or jumbled transmissions, or service provider (Internet, website, Usenet) accessibility or availability, traffic congestion, or unauthorized human intervention. Since the above causes are not exhaustive and changes to the same can or will be made at the sole discretion of LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. as and when required without giving prior notice or any form of communication to the loyalty program users, users are required to visit these pages periodically.

Program Changes

LUISA VIA ROMA S.p.A. reserves the right to amend or modify any or all of the Terms and Conditions of LVR Privilege or to terminate the program at any time even without prior notice and without further obligations to users, including, but not limited to, changes in the rules governing LVR Points earned on and after the date of the change or change the value of already earned LVR points. Notice of any such changes, amendments or termination will be provided to users via message or email or by being posted on LUISAVIAROMA and will be effective immediately, unless otherwise stated.

Note: In the event of any inconsistency, discrepancy or divergences of interpretation between the English version and any other language versions of this publication, the English language version shall prevail.

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