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ASPESI was founded in 1969 by Alberto Aspesi as a shirts brand. By the end of the 70s, ASPESI was creating full ready to wear collections for both men and women and had established collaborations with prominent designers such as Walter Albini and Franco Moschino. A pioneer in launching the iconic down jacket, ASPESI was the first to introduce the item as a staple outerwear piece instead of a performance or weekend garment. Constant and rigorous textile research has always been at the core of ASPESI’s essence. To this day, ASPESI remains faithful to its minimalist, sophisticated and timeless approach. In November 2020 Lawrence Steele has been appointed creative director, with the aim to enrich the emotional range of ASPESI, expanding and articulating the scope of a style that in place of volatile frivolity stands for militant awareness, under the sign of Made in Italy.

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