LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society | Manar’s Story

Discover Manar’s success story made possible through the support of Oxfam.
LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society | Manar’s Story -
Manar Ramadan

Thanks to Oxfam, we realized the three main Banlastic activities.
– Manar Ramadan, Co-founder of Banlastic Egypt

Manar Ramadan is the co-founder of Banlastic, a social enterprise dedicated to banning single-use plastic in Egypt by offering sustainable alternatives and spreading awareness through workshops, beach cleanups, and green events. The idea behind Banlastic came to Manar while she was studying in India for her master’s degree in Sustainable Development. Inspired by her studies Manar was determined to bring the idea of Banlastic to life. Thanks to Oxfam’s support, Manar was able to establish Banlastic’s main objectives: develop alternative solutions for single-use plastic, create awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution through educational training, and work with policymakers to develop policies that help the ban of single-use plastic.

Some of the core values we have at Banlastic is to provide 100% Egyptian-made products that are environmentally friendly and also to provide products made by Egyptian women.
– Manar Ramadan

You now have the opportunity to support ambitious women like Manar to achieve their goals and realize their dreams with our latest campaign: Empowering Women, Improving Society. From now until mid-November, for each purchase you make on LVRSustainable, LVR will contribute to one hour of entrepreneurial business incubation for women to develop their ideas and start their own businesses. By supporting women and strengthening their independence, their power, and their skills; we also help their families and communities to flourish both socially and economically.

LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society | Manar’s Story -

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