LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society

LVRSustainable continues to support Oxfam Italia, this time by giving women a chance at a better future.
LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society -

Women represent the majority of those who live in poverty: they have fewer resources, power, and influence. Every day, in every country women face discrimination, violence, abuse, and unequal treatment at home, at work, and in their communities. Gender inequality is a key factor in poverty and is a denial of women’s fundamental rights in all contexts. (Oxfam IT)

At LVRSustainable we are committed to doing our part in combating poverty and gender inequality, which is why we’ve re-joined forces with Oxfam, the humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing global poverty through development projects and humanitarian aid, to launch another campaign: Empowering Women, Improving Society.

LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society - lvr-diary-hp-editoriale-oxfam_3
Princess Taroza/Oxfam

Women do 2.6 times more unpaid care and housework than men and earn 24% less for paid work. But when they earn money, they reinvest 90% of their resources in their families and communities, kicking off a cycle of change that can last for generations. (Oxfam IT)

With our latest campaign ‘Empowering Women, Improving Society’ LVRSustainable contributes entrepreneurial business incubation for women to develop their ideas and start their own businesses. By supporting women and strengthening their independence, their power, and their skills; we also help their families and communities to flourish both socially and economically.

LVRSustainable for Oxfam: Empowering Women, Improving Society - lvr-diary-hp-editoriale-oxfam_4
Princess Taroza/Oxfam

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About Oxfam

Oxfam is a global movement of people who are fighting inequality to end poverty and injustice. Across regions, from the local to the global, we work with people to bring change that lasts. Our work is grounded in the commitment to the universality of human rights. Driven by diversity and founding our asks in evidence and experience, we take sides against poverty and injustice everywhere. Feminist approaches guide all our analysis, action, and interaction.

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Header Image Photographer Credit: Savann Oeurm/Oxfam America

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