Alpine Chic Unveiled: A Conversation with Fusalp

In this exclusive interview, Alexandre Fauvet, CEO of Fusalp shares its journey from its founding in 1952 to its current status as a trailblazer in ski and luxury "fashion-tech" apparel.

Since its inception in 1952, Fusalp, the distinguished French brand, has become a go-to choice in technical wear, but it continues beyond there. Throughout its storied history, Fusalp has continued to evolve, relentlessly pushing boundaries, implementing style elements, and quickly becoming the perfect blend of fashion and sport. From high-profile collaborations with renowned fashion brands like Pucci to pursuing cutting-edge materials for enhanced performance, Fusalp stands as a beacon of innovation and style.

In this exclusive interview, Fusalp’s CEO, Alexandre Fauvet, offers a glimpse into the brand’s extraordinary journey, shedding light on its core values and creative processes that have fueled its ascent. As the skiing season approaches, there’s no better moment to explore Fusalp’s carefully curated apparel collection. Don’t miss this opportunity, dive into the interview, and create your essential winter wardrobe, perfectly timed for your adventures on the slopes.

We’re creating intelligent apparel that makes you look good, perform well, and feel confident, no matter the challenge.

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Can you share the story behind the founding of Fusalp and how it has evolved over the years to become what it is today?
Fusalp was conceived in 1952 by French tailors whose original concept brought the finest tailoring to technical ski wear outfits. From the breakthrough invention of a racing ski suit in 1966 and throughout the brand’s history, designs have focused on enhancing performance and allowing for greater freedom of movement. More recently, Fusalp has established a luxury “fashion-tech” positioning that resonates beyond the slopes. This evolution into a hybrid brand means that our proposition continually reflects developments in innovation and style. 

What are the core brand ideologies and values that Fusalp holds, and how do these values influence your design and production processes?
At Fusalp, our mission is all about pushing the boundaries of fashion and functionality. We’re not just designing clothes; we’re creating intelligent apparel that makes you look good, perform well, and feel confident, no matter the challenge. Drawing on the essence of our core values, we apply a unique blend of fashion commitment with technical expertise — like bringing the high-performance spirit of skiing into everyday life.

Our goal is to enhance and celebrate the beauty of the body in motion – making sure you not only look great but also feel (and perform to) your absolute best – which is also brought into play in each of our special collaborations like we did last year with Pucci.

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Could you give us insights into the creative process behind your latest collection? What were the primary sources of inspiration?

Our Artistic Director, Mathilde Lacoste, answers this critical question: how to magnify the body and give confidence to face today’s challenges? This season, the Fusalp allure extends to a broader and more sophisticated wardrobe for women and men. The interplay of ski wear and urban style gains momentum across an expanded range of new and iconic pieces. Total looks in dynamic colors, which notably pay homage to our heritage. Sleek and contemporary shapes that enhance the silhouette and encourage movement are always at the heart of our creative process, using only the finest fabrics and materials embedded with functionality and resulting in a trans-seasonal offering that builds upon our ski heritage and technical savoir-faire. Fusalp’s intention and image are aligned as ever with people’s active lives and the pursuit of garments that withstand the test of time and performance.

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Fulsap has a unique blend of functionality and style in its skiwear. How do you strike this balance, and what innovations have you introduced to enhance performance while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic?
At Fusalp, we aim to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style by using advanced materials, seamless designs, tailored fits, and eye-catching aesthetics. Since conception, we have patented our stretch membrane, allowing us to deliver lightweight, close-fitting garments (that can also be layered) with thermal qualities that allow the body to move without restriction. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that our technical apparel enhances performance while keeping you fashion-forward.

Conscious consumption is a growing concern in the fashion industry. How does Fulsap approach production, materials, and design choices? Are there any specific initiatives or goals you’d like to highlight?
We try to remain true to our core values by designing high-quality, timeless pieces from materials that are consciously sourced that will enhance both the wearer’s physique and performance. In many cases, our pieces will be passed down from generation to generation – we offer a five-year guarantee on most of our pieces with lifetime reparability to increase the lifespan of your Fusalp pieces.

Our goal is to enhance and celebrate the beauty of the body in motion

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