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Sustainability has been an industry buzzword in recent years, but these eco-conscious brands are living proof that responding to the climate crisis doesn’t mean compromising style.
Sweat Equity

Only recently has the notion that fashion and sustainability are innate bedfellows become universally palatable; and yet, in the short time since, a new wave of contemporary vanguards has made it their mission to explore myriad trailblazing ways to create stylish garments while minimizing their impact on the environment. And awareness of just one of the many daunting statistics— for instance, that the world produces approximately 92 million tons of textile waste every year—means being at the forefront of conscious fashion consumption has become more than a passive choice: it’s imperative. 

This season, designers are churning out breathtaking fineries that keep up with practically every kind of tendency, from ebullient proportion plays and unexpected fabrics to statement-making bijouterie and pared-back, transitional staples that defy ephemeral trends. And regardless of your inclination, one thing’s for certain: These ultra-luxe selects look as good as they feel to wear.


Transitional staples defy ephemeral trends. And regardless of your inclination, one thing’s for certain: These ultra-luxe selects look as good as they feel to wear.


Sustainable fashion is not just a trend; it is a necessary step toward a more accountable and ethical industry. Individuals are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchases and are demanding increased transparency and a decreased carbon footprint from the brands they support. By embracing eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing processes and slow fashion, creators as well as  consumers are better equipped to design a more responsible future for the industry.

LVR is deeply committed to celebrating these designers’ unbridled dedication and passion today and every day, because it is thanks to their vigorous efforts that artful ingenuity continues to be crafted for us to wear and enjoy. So let this ultra-curated selection of the best conscious brands—from iconic legacy houses to the newest rising stars—be your style cynosure this season and beyond, because it is important now more than ever to be in alignment with the value systems that champion genuine commitment to protecting the planet and the people who live on it.


About LVRSustainable

LVRSustainable is the section of LUISAVIAROMA dedicated to offering a curated selection of the best conscious brands and items, as well as special collaborations with renowned non-profits, organizations, and brands to benefit social and environmental causes.
LVRSustainable aims to build a global sustainable community and to promote creativity by supporting conscious fashion: organic, vegan, ethical trade, low impact, women’s empowerment, community engagement, recycling & upcycling, and luxury craftsmanship products.

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