Sheng Xiao Sanctuary

The Sheng Xiao or Oriental Zodiac translates for the home in a harmonious blend of prints, textures and materials.

Luxury interiors adopt the reputed attributes of the animals of the twelve year cycle, creating the perfect balance between contemporary design and the riches of the ancient orient.

Unpredictable by nature and extremely competitive, the tiger stands out the same way a Nanimarquina rug is the focus of any room. Those born in the year of the horse take center stage willingly and live to delight their audience, a characteristic perfectly complimented by a bronze Frilli Gallery sculpture. Meanwhile, the dominance and elusiveness of the dragon, the only imaginary animal of the Zodiac, is captured in exquisite gilded plates by Versace Home. The monkey ranks ninth of all the animals and is witty, intelligent and a master of practical jokes. Fool guests with Ceramiche Pugi ceramic monkeys, whose life-like quality embodies the essence of the ninth animal of the Zodiac. The noble stature of the observant and resourceful rooster is immortalized in a Bellini Sara ceramic ornament, while the pig, valued as both diligent and honest, takes the form of Seletti cabinet.

Photography: Ruggero Lupo Mengoni
Make Up: Alessandra Poli
Hair: Rosanna Campisi @Rock & Rose
Model: Haijin Ye @2morrow Model Management

Tags: editorials, design

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