Sartorial Denim

The utilitarian fabric, once a staple of the working class, has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Tough, durable and timeless, the textile has been re-envisioned throughout the ages, reshaping the way we dress in the process.

Each generations has its own distinct take on the popular textile, from the true blue styles worn by cowboys in the early 1950’s to low-riding styles made popular by rappers and bands of the late 90s music scene. For Spring Summer 2016, classic washes have featured prominently on the runway and the street. Chloé, Marcus Almeida, GCDS and MSGM just a few of the names to embrace daring silhouettes, retro-inspired applique, cropped hemlines and denim on denim styling.

Who doesn’t remember their first denim jacket or the euphoria of finally finding the perfect pair of jeans? A rite of passage for many, the pursuit of the perfect fit or wash often evolves into a lifelong obsession. From stylists and celebrities to adults, teenagers and kids, you would be hard pressed to find a man or woman without one piece in the wardrobe.

Denim is one of the world’s oldest fabrics, yet it remains eternally young. – American Fabric Magazine, 1976

Denim knows no age, no season and no style making it the most versatile addition to any collection. Worn all at once or styling alongside a basic tee, loud sweatshirt or silk bomber it stands the test of time. Once synonymous with a simple pair of jeans and acknowledged only for its longevity, it has transcended mere utility to become a staple of the contemporary wardrobe. A true representation of democracy within fashion, denim is that old friend you can’t bear to part with, the one that is both comforting and constant.

The question posed to designers in the modern age is how to re-envision the historic fabric for a new audience. The answer? Innovative treatment, experiment techniques, embroidery, embellishment and new silhouette. Whether you are a fan of the classics – blue, streamlined, boot-cut – or lean more towards adventurous styles, 2016 proves to be the year of denim.

Photographer: Szilveszter Makó
Model: AKOS SOGOR @independent VIVIANE @MPmanagement
MUA and HAIR: Sara Busan

Tags: editorials

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