Home for Holidays

On the coast of the Sunshine State lies paradise, a place where the lifestyle is bigger, the weather is better, and the fashion is bolder…

Think less winter wonderland and more Mediterranean playground. Christmas in Miami means sweltering heat, all-night parties and palatial mansions designed to impress.

From a Jean Paul Gaultier cushion to a cuddly Etro bear, the pursuit for the perfect gift sets the scene for this couple’s festive game of cat and mouse. Oversized designs by Cracking Art and Kube Design create a surreal atmosphere, as the question of what to buy the pair who have everything is answered in the form of a band of Baleri ottomans. A decadent dining set from Versace Home stays true to the opulent style expected of the ‘Magic City,’ catering to even the most difficult of guests.

Photography: Diego Diaz Marin
Hair: Alaimo Melissa @Rock&Roseagency
Make-up: Alessandra Poli
Model: OLGA ZINOVEVA @2morrow model, JOHN RUITENBEEK @indipendent model management
Scenography: Giacomo Bartoli

Tags: editorials, design

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