#LVRSummit Recap: Part 1

LUISAVIAROMA Fashion & Technology Summit 2017: The Latest Buzzwords in E-Commerce

When Andrea Panconesi, CEO of LUISAVIAROMA, hailed the “simplification of technology” as the future of e-commerce, the tone for #LVRSummit 2017 was set. Over 300 international professionals filled the Teatro della Compagnia in Florence January 12, to ascertain the latest in fashion technology innovation and decipher new industry buzzwords.

Which marketing concepts are changing the game? The general consensus amongst panelists was that programmatic marketing will reign supreme for data analysis, leading to more succinct customer profiling. Less time analysing data means more time for creatives to focus on campaigns that really connect, within the more accurate framework of measuring consumer behaviour over consumer demographics.

This leads us to attribution, where “there is a huge opportunity for luxury brands to crack measurement and gain competitive advantage” (Francesco Sommariva, Measurement Manager, Facebook). It is now the quality of engagement, rather than the quantity of clicks, that is considered a reliable indicator of campaign success.

As Hannes Ben, Chief International Officer of Forward3D puts it: “in luxury, where brand positioning is key, using technology for accurate measurement is fundamental to ensuring that advertising resonates with the right audience in the ideal manner.” Agreements on the importance of cross-device approaches to promoting luxury goods were also unanimous.

Written by: Sissi Johnson, Brand Strategist, Tech Advisor and Huffington Post Contributor

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