#LVRSummit Recap: Part 2

LUISAVIAROMA Fashion & Technology Summit 2017: Eye on e-tail: How to Personalize Campaigns

Personalization will be at the core of successful campaigns in 2017, but what steps do (r)etailers need to take to achieve successful engagement with consumers?

#LVRsummit 2017 attendees took note as Anoop Vasisht, Vice President of Dynamic Yield, highlighted a big marketing faux-pas: the one size fits all approach. Consumers are individuals first and should be catered to as such, not just as a demographic. Online behavior should be viewed holistically and e-tailers would do well to focus efforts on creating bespoke algorithms that don’t pigeonhole habits.

To know customers is to know where they convert. Think a “70% OFF” banner is enough to get a browser to the checkout? Think again. Introducing the “new Price-Sensitive” consumer: the affluent shopper who values quality over sales. E-commerce sites should facilitate adaptive homepage design in order to offer the option to filter out last-season goods and go straight for the best and newest the store has to offer. Activating this loophole has shown a double digit increase in conversions. If personalization is the key, it’s also no wonder newsletters subscribers are 68% more likely to convert.

Karinna Nobbs from Holition outlined the potential for going live to achieve authenticity in a digital marketplace where “trust, time and attention are scarce”- as well as the importance of digital empathy. Sauro Mariani, Head of Marketing and Retail, Antony Morato also reminded the audience of the “emotional side of in-store experience” and its potential for emotive campaigning when coupled with digital outreach. Nereo Sciutto, Webranking Co-founder, was an advocate of harnessing online engagement to bring brand loyalty to a new level through access to exclusive products.This year, brands need to break free from black-box marketing, data-driven personalization is the way to do it.

Written by: Sissi Johnson, Brand Strategist, Tech Advisor and Huffington Post Contributor

Tags: culture

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