World Vegan Day with LVRSustainable: Aesthetics to Match a Conscious Lifestyle

Celebrate World Vegan Day and discover the best vegan fashion brands with aesthetics to match a luxury lifestyle.

In honor of World Vegan Day on November 1st, LVRSustainable, the environmentally and socially conscious branch of LuisaViaRoma, is proud to showcase its curated selection of vegan fashion, beauty, and home collections in celebration of its ongoing commitment to Planet and People. The term vegan in the context of fashion and lifestyle signifies a commitment to buying and using only cruelty-free products that use no animal materials or byproducts in their production. The curated vegan selection from LVRSustainable creates a space where you can easily shop filtered products that are animal-friendly, encouraging conscious consumption habits and implementing vegan ethics into your shopping experience without sacrificing the beauty of luxury.

What started as a niche demand has rapidly evolved into a new standard in mainstream fashion, showcasing an irresistible blend of aesthetics and ethics. This growing demand and collective environmental consciousness have seen the vegan offering stretch beyond clothing, with a wide selection of products available in the beauty and home offering. Most notably, a rich array of vegan cosmetics and skincare products have strayed from the industry’s once-typical practice of using animal products and testing for a more ethical product you can feel good about putting on your body. Choosing conscious consumption and opting for vegan products is more than just a nod to animal welfare and cruelty-free production; it offers a spectrum of benefits including:

Reduced Carbon Footprint: They often have a lower environmental impact.

Sustainable Materials: Many vegan materials are conscious.

Biodiversity: Vegan production conserves natural habitats.

Health Benefits: Vegan products support healthier choices.

Less Water Usage: They require less water to produce.

Ethical Labor Practices: Vegan brands emphasize fair working conditions.

Waste Reduction: They contribute to less waste generation.

Innovation: Promotes low-impact alternatives.

Consumer Demand: Drives industry sustainability.

LVRSustainable is proud to work with brands leading the way in improving and expanding vegan production processes and offerings. Join in as we hear from a small selection of these LVRSustainable brands as they reflect on the importance of vegan practices, and how they plan on pushing forward in the development of even better, more effective, and innovative manufacturing methods.


THEMOIRè black shoulder bag
White THEMOIRè handbag with model dressed in all white

“On World Vegan Day, THEMOIRè celebrates its deep commitment joining the PETA Approved Vegan certification, symbolising our dedication to respecting all forms of life through the choice of completely cruelty-free materials. This decision not only promotes animal welfare, but also helps to avoid the intensive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that can have harmful effects on soil and water. THEMOIRè embodies the very essence of transformative change. Together, we have the power to shape a better and more responsible world.”

– Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo, Creative Directors & Co-Founders


Man and woman wearing black low-top Veja sneakers
Photographer: Vincent Desailly (@vincentdesailly) Models: Coco Roussel (@roussel_coco) & Estelle Couriol (@estellecouriol)

“At VEJA, we prioritize animal welfare and sustainable alternatives to leather. While we’re not a vegan brand, we refuse to replace leather with harmful plastics.

VEJA prioritizes both animal welfare and the protection of the environment. While many brands turn to plastic-based alternatives to replace leather, we took a different path. We created our own vegan alternative called the C.W.L. (Cotton worked as leather). It feels and looks like leather. In 2020, 8% of our collection was made with C.W.L. Now, three years later, that number has grown, and almost 40% of our collections are vegan. We’re aware that C.W.L. isn’t perfect and still contains 46% plastic, but it’s a good start. Since 2008, VEJA has tested the chemical products in our sneakers, ensuring they meet safety standards. VEJA’s sourcing team drafted VEJA’s first Restricted Substances Policy, a document designed to help factories and suppliers working with us improve the quality of the substances used in our sneakers.”

Save The Duck

World Vegan Day with LVRSustainable: Aesthetics to Match a Conscious Lifestyle - LVR-world-vegan-day-save-the-duck-4

“At Save The Duck, a PETA-approved vegan brand, we operate in accordance with ethical principles that respect not only animals but also the environment and nature. Raw materials of animal origin fuel intensive farming practices, which generate extremely high pollution levels. The situation doesn’t improve when it comes to natural-origin yarns, often derived from massive agricultural operations that lead to soil depletion, excessive water consumption, and the use of chemicals harmful to the planet.

Certainly, synthetic materials have their own issues in terms of recyclability and circularity, but the positive aspect is that there are evolving technological solutions to support us. These solutions can help us improve the production cycle, reducing waste and environmental impact.”

-Save The Duck Sustainability Manager, Silvia Mazzanti


Person washing themselves with Human Race body products

”At Humanrace, we care about our environment. We care about sustainability. Our commitment to the earth are skincare products that are of the highest quality standards and safe for all. Thus, we are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally safe.”

-Dr. Elena Jones, MD. Humanrace Chief Dermatologist

Doers of London

Doers of London products

Doers of London really cares about being upfront, looking after the environment, and creating skincare that works. This World Vegan Day, we want to shout out how committed we are to protecting the environment and making skincare products that do what they promise. Teaming up with ClearForMe has been a big part of pushing that mission forward. It helps us turn our goals of being clear and reliable in our care into real steps towards a better tomorrow.”

– Cedric van Dijken, CEO of Doers of London


multiple colorful and oddly shaped candles

Amoln’s core value is to commit to sourcing ethical vegan materials, adopting a sustainable approach that prioritises the welfare of animals, humans, and our environment, devoid of any cruelty. We take a slow but careful approach to every design and production process. Further than that, we advocate for conscious consumption, we promote minimal waste and minimize carbon footprints, while actively embracing sustainable practices. We think every brand should have such processes”.

– Jonas Bergholm, Co-founder of Amoln

About LVRSustainable

LVRSustainable is the section of LUISAVIAROMA dedicated to offering a curated selection of the best conscious brands and items, as well as special collaborations with renowned non-profits, organizations, and brands to benefit social and environmental causes.
LVRSustainable aims to build a global sustainable community and to promote creativity by supporting conscious fashion: organic, vegan, ethical trade, low impact, women’s empowerment, community engagement, recycling & upcycling, and luxury craftsmanship products.

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