Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 1

Dearest Italy, 

With everything going on, we’d like to take a moment to marvel at all of the wondrous and astonishing things that you’ve so generously given to all of us

Thank you for the countless number of times you’ve taught us to live in the moment

Thank you for the moments spent by the Arno or Colosseum with our favorite flavored gelato

Thank you for your beautiful language that resembles the sounds of the greatest Operas

Thank you for the perfectly cooked ‘al dente’ plates of pasta with delectable tastes of ragu

Thank you for displaying such generosity to all those who come and go

Thank you for almost 3,500 years of architecture for us to spend our days strolling about

Thank you for some of the most famous paintings in the world to gaze at 

Thank you for all of the many tastes and flavors each region of your country offers

Thank you for the best wines for us to enjoy during our afternoon aperitivi

Thank you for giving us something to dream about

We are all counting down the seconds until we meet again

Loving you always and forever, 


Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 2
Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 3
Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 4
Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 5
Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 6
Grazia Croatia “Dear Italy” - 7

Text: LVR Editors
Photographer: Filip Koludrovic
Stylist: Petar Trbovic
Casting: Giulia Masini
Model: Greta Valeria @nextmodels
Hair & Makeup: Arby Kaja
In collaboration with Grazia Croatia

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