Presenting a capsule collection by Attico for LuisaViaRoma. Its inspiration was drawn from the image of a Goddess: a strong, introspective woman in search of herself. The collection consists of three mini dresses, three tops and a suit, developed in a palette of pastel shades and bright colors. Feathers and sequins are the core components of the world of Attico, embodying the characteristics of a libertine spirit, full of energy and self-knowledge. The natural symphony of the wind drives the Goddess of Attico to dance, binding nature with earth to create a supreme deity.

Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico4
Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico2
Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico1
Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico5
Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico6
Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico3
Attico for LuisaViaRoma - attico7

Production: Kinoproby Production Company
Art director: Olga Romashova
DOPE: Evgenij Romashov
Model: Mariam Abdallah
Sound design: Evgenij Romashov
Model agency: UNN Model Management

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