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Agnona was founded in 1953 with a mission to create the most exclusive womenswear fabrics in the world using only the finest raw materials. In 1972 after collaborating with the world’s top couturiers and recognizing the change of relevance and status of couture, Agnona's ready-to-wear label was launched. With decades of finely honed expertise to boast, Agnona stands out amongst competitors: the brand is a rarified purveyor of genuine luxury seeped in the history of Milanese couture. Everything bearing the Agnona name has an almost unattainable quality in construction, materials, and detailing that is achieved through a never-ending quest for perfection through nurturing nature itself. It is these core values that provide Agnona’s ready to wear, luxury sportswear, textile accessories and homeware with such enduring allure. Today designer Stefano Aimone leads Agnona's artistic direction.

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