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Sneakers were born as a symbol of rebellion and liberation from traditional social norms, and they were brought to success by one of the emblems of American cinema, James Dean. Over time, they have become a versatile accessory to flaunt in many women’s outfits. High-top sneakers in particular draw inspiration from the sporty looks of basketball players, including Michael Jordan, who has conquered the fashion world with his Nike Air Jordan sneakers.

As time passes, sneakers have become distinguished for their trendy style from top brands like Converse, who has established an identity for themselves using sneakers, creating iconic, glamorous, and versatile Converse All Star sneakers suitable to wear casually and elegantly. Golden Goose, Off-White, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen have also given credit to sneakers by reinterpreting them with materials, fabrics, and colors that make them perfect for any style.

Another rising trend in the latest fashion collections is high-top sneakers with platform soles that not only maintain their reputation as comfortable and practical shoes, but also contribute to adding some extra height to the female silhouette without necessarily relying on traditional high-heeled shoes.

In addition to being perfect for sportswear, high-top sneakers are also a favorite to pair with denim outfits, skinny pants, flared jeans and from maxiskirts to miniskirts. If paired with a bold-colored puffer jacket or faux fur and shearling coat, the cool effect is definitely guaranteed.

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