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The perfect shoe for both casual and formal outfits, one of fashion’s latest obsessions is the closed-toe mule. Also known as sabots, closed-toe mules can be either flat or heeled, featuring an open back and closed toe. In recent years, sabots have become a glamorous wardrobe must-have and provide a practical, trendy alternative to uncomfortable summer sandals or heels. One of the advantages of closed-toe mules is their slip-on design, whose wraparound structure provides the foot with lasting stability and support, while the open heel and collar lend a hint of elegant sensuality.

Different brands have played with materials and designs to create attractive mules that suit a number of occasions: elegant styles by Manolo Blahnik and Mach & Mach feature high heels, crystal embellishments and colorful satins, whereas sportier styles in leather or rubber are perfect for casual outings. With a wide variety of models, fabrics, colors, and heel heights, the possibilities of pairing mules with different outfits and styles are endless.

Those who love bold and original looks can pair pop leather mules featuring a platform or chunky heel with high-waisted jeans, an oversized shirt, and a printed tote bag. For a more formal event, classic Gucci mules with their low heels and signature Horsebit buckle detail can be paired with tailored pantsuits or a pencil skirt. For a romantic and ethereal look, a midi or long dress with floral textures or boho-chic style can be seamlessly paired with mid or low-heeled closed-toe mules.

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