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The Copenhagen-based Birger Christensen Collective expands its roster of boundary-defying brands with the introduction of Cannari Concept, founded in conjunction with Creative Director Anna Winck. Heavy on childhood nostalgia, Cannari Concept celebrates an era where pop subcultures ruled. Silhouettes fit for iconic sitcom characters have been designed to be mixed and matched for looks that radiate self-confidence. Block colors and out-there graphic-print slogans come together to inspire feelings of fearless self-expression. Ruched skirts, cropped puffer jackets and corset-style tops are unapologetically sexy. Loose-fitting graphic-print hoodies and extra-wide flares riff on retro grunge to make for combinations that rally against traditionally gendered ways of dressing. Made with sustainability in mind, Cannari Concept explores the possibilities of circular fashion: much of the collection is made using pre-loved and recycled materials. Working with local partners, the brand creates styles inspired by the past that respect the future. Playful at heart, Cannari Concept captures the euphoric free-spirited essence of youth.

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