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In an exciting collaboration, Zegna and The Elder Statesman unite to celebrate craftsmanship and innovation. Zegna's Oasi Cashmere, born from the serene landscapes of Oasi Zegna and driven by a commitment to traceability, meets The Elder Statesman's vibrant, tie-dyed artistry. This partnership, a tribute to both luxury and sustainability, encapsulates shared values and echoes Zegna's founder's dedication to nature. Oasi Cashmere, introduced in the FW22 collection, represents the brand's century-old philosophy of creating the finest fabrics in harmony with the environment, with a goal to certify all fibers as 100% traceable by 2024. This collaboration authentically amplifies the essence of Oasi Cashmere with The Elder Statesman’s vibrant California aesthetics creating a compelling chapter in fashion's evolution.

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