The New Aristocracy

MILANSTYLE sets the precedent for laidback styling with a casual yet refined approached to the Spring Summer collections.

When it comes to treating the latest menswear collections, forgo traditional styling in favor of an eclectic mix of past and present. Combine classic menswear tailoring with a nonchalant attitude for a ‘new’ contemporary take on the aristocracy of old.

From a cuffed Valentino shirt to a languidly draped robe by Dries Van Noten, it is the fundamentals that count. An amalgamation of prints and feather-light fabrics, this look is punctuated with silk La Perla pants and a sharp blazer by Lanvin. A palette of white and blues grounds each ensemble  and when worn with boots by Rolando Sturlini makes for an unconventional yet appealing combination.

Embody the distant yet distinctly cool demeanor of the ‘new’ aristocracy with a cultured mix of subtle prints and relaxed silhouettes.

Photography: Jody Mattioli
Stylist: Donatella Pia
Grooming: Shining Shen
Model: Geraint @First London

Tags: editorials

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