The Flapper’s Penthouse

The roaring twenties, an age of decadence that marked a cultural turning point and introduced a unique style. The women were free, the music was jazz and design was pushed in a new direction.

As much at home dancing on a table as she is atop a Vissionaire ottoman, the mysterious flapper is known for challenging style conventions. A Poltronova mirror is paired with a printed Boralevi rug creating a modern mood for which to return home too. Meanwhile, a rich carpet by Designers Guild gives structure to the open space setting the scene for unexpected elements like a Moschino Loves Altreforme ‘Maschera’ accent chair.

The perfect host, she receives guests in style, inviting them into a hidden sanctuary closed off from the world. Her space is distinctly personal and provides the perfect setting for an abstract Flos lamp or a mix of illustrated plates by Rory Dobner. Follow her lead by introducing avant-garde pieces into traditional spaces for a unique appeal.

A haven for the quintessential 20’s girl, add a sense of allure to your living space with an eclectic mix of classic, contemporary and iconic designs.

Photography: Ruggero Mengoni
Hair: Rosanna Campisi @RockandRose
Make-up: Angelo Nenna Pintor
Model: Ronnia @2morrowmodel
Location designed by: Anna Conti
Special thanks to: Sotheby’s Firenze

Tags: editorials, design

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