Tech Dreamers

Being a tech dreamer is not only about technology but the ability to create a place that can give life to timeless emotions.

In a minimal world, a visionary dreamer will always dress a romantic flavor to a surreal living.

Editor’s Picks

Photographer: Settimio Benedusi
Hair and Make-up: Alessandra Poli
Model: Olha Monchar @mpmanagement
Assistants: Francesca di Gregorio


A blend between being at home and being elsewhere, witnesses and participants of the contemporary but also an experience of travel through time and space.Contemporary lofts with metropolitan style and a cozy environment that reflect the personality of architect Claudio Nardi, creator of the LUISAVIAROMA boutique.

Articulated, net and contemporary volumes are highlighted thanks to the presence of recovered historical elements, modern antiques, ‘50s style furniture, old and new materials, sophisticated pieces of design, such as furniture designed by the same architect Claudio Nardi.

Tags: editorials, design

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