Glamorous Housewives

Change the way you think about housework this Spring Summer with a stylish new outlook on some of the home’s most challenging chores.

Valentino’s fruit stripes make shopping a treat, while a Chloé bag is the perfect side to your main course. The dust will never settle on a timeless Saint Laurent bag, which complements a structured neoprene peplum and contrasting white feather duster for pristine perfection in or out of the house.

Dot your dress and cross dishes off your list. In Dolce & Gabbana, even the most prima of donnas will be dancing to do them! A sweet treat in confection pink, a Valentino shoulder bag bakes up nice, especially when spiked with a little spice. This spring, silver “wear” is meant to be used; keep your look polished with a Lulu Guinness mirrored clutch.

Even gardening takes on a whole new meaning when your wardrobe is properly nurtured with Marni and a bright yellow flourish in the form of a Givenchy bag.

As the weather warms up, cleanliness is next to goddess-ness and, when properly dressed, every woman cleans up nice!

Photography: Marcello Dino

Tags: editorials

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