The ’Club’ House

For the new season, designers draw parallels between the worlds of sport and design. The field is transformed into an artistic play on form and function, featuring MVP and CEO of Larusmiani Guglielmo Miani.

Driade’s ‘ go bold or go home’ approach to design culminates in quirky contemporary pieces like the Nemo Chair by Fabio Novembre  and  the Koishi Coffee Table by Naoto Fukasawa. These furnishings are sure to play well together and highlight the importance of strong teamwork.

Success in sports and in life is all about focus. Opt for stand out pieces from Woouf! and Poltronova that complement but don’t overpower each other.  A fresh take on the iconic ‘Ball Game’, both brands take pop-culture references and turn them on their head for what can be described as a style ‘Home Run’.

Off the field and onto the bench,  InternoItalia understands the concept of a strong offensive and proves that intellectual design comes out on top every time. Each complex creation, including the Rolo folding chair and Bard pouf, is built on a well-thought-out strategy  and based on a rigorous routine that rivals those of even the most successful of athletes.

Set yourself apart from the competition with a winning combination of contemporary, iconic and avant-garde décor!

Photography: Diego Diaz Marin
Make-Up: Alessandra Poli @RockandRose
Model: Ana @2morrowmodel
Location: Centro Sportivo P.Borsellino, Milano
Special guest: Guglielmo Miani

Tags: editorials, design

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