Mother's Day with Eva

The Czech-native and new mum shares how she’ll be spending her first Mother’s Day

Where will we find you on Mother’s day?
I hope it will be with my lovely little family, my son Liam who will be soon 8 months and my husband. I love to do simple things like family brunch and spending a good quality time with both of them.

Your all-time favorite memory with Liam?
It is impossible to choose one but I guess I will never forget our first fashion event together. He was 12 days old and I was terrified as everything was so new to me. It turned out so well and it was one of my favorite brand collaboration as well as a proud mummy moment. I was so glad we managed it together only a few days after his birth.

And your own mother?
There are so many but it was very moving when she came to the hospital to see Liam just few hours after he was born. The whole thing is so emotional so it was amazing to have her there.

How would you describe your style?
My style changes depending on what I do or where I am. I would say though that it is quite feminine – timeless with a touch of trend. I also tend to wear more affordable pieces with designer items. I like to spend more on shoes, bags and sunglasses.

Has it changes since you became a Mum?
Partially yes as I tend to go for more comfortable pieces. When I am not with the baby I would say I dress the same. It’s the moments when I am that I tend to grab flat shoes and I have noticed I wear trousers and jeans more than ever before. I have seen the biggest impact when travelling. As a mum you carry so much stuff (plus the baby) so I wear very easy and simple items.

And Liam’s style?
I apply the same rule with my son. I like the idea of him being comfortable so I buy lot of tracksuits and lovely knits. I think his style is simple and cool. I also prefer to dress him in less colorful designs while I can. When he understands these things more I know I will have a little say and he will be wearing superhero t-shirts. LOL

Your top three favorite childrenswear brands (available at LVR.COM)?
If I was to pick some designers for him it would be Kenzo, Stella McCartney or Dolce & Gabbana. They represent exactly what I like. You can find some amazing t-shirts and sweaters that are cool and not ‘over the top’. They all work with good quality materials which I think is one of the most important things when dressing a child.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a mother?
There are two things. It was quite hard for me to lose the flexibility I had before but you get used to it. I actually now find it difficult to be separated from Liam but I still miss those times when you can do anything at anytime without planning. The second thing is definitely dealing with a sick baby. It is so hard to see your baby ill and not being able to do much immediately.

How have you overcome them?
Time helped me to get used to the fact I just cannot pop out to the gym or see a friend whenever. I have to plan more. When your baby gets sick you cannot do much. You obviously need to give the baby more attention and get over sleepless nights. The health of your child is the main priority.

Being a mother is… the hardest job I have ever done but the most rewarding and fulfilling.

My kid is… my happiness.

What message would you like to give other mothers on this special day?
Enjoy this special day but remember you can still look chic and stylish even as a mum.

Special thanks to Eva
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This interview has been edited and condensed

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