SeeMe is certified by the WFTO as a fair-trade organization.
It bridges the luxury sector and fair trade with the belief that it is time for luxury goods to be fair and for the fair trade movement to be chic.

Charity is not sustainable. Therefore, SeeMe is not a charity, but a social enterprise, because no sustainable development is possible without socio-economic independence.

It is the result of work started in 2002 to improve the conditions of women in the slums of Ankara, and has since provided support to over 1500 women, helped 400 women to find a job and supported the reformation of Turkish services to victims of domestic violence, including the creation of the first 24/7 crisis centers in Turkey.

It was born out of the necessity to provide sheltered working places to the victims of domestic violence whose chance to get a job is minimal.

SeeMe expanded to Tunisia in April 2013, when it joined forces with the Amal association. Amal has actively supported single mothers cast out of their families and society for over a decade. The majority of these women have been the victims of rape or incest. Amal runs a shelter where the girls are cared for.

Our hearts are made by girls supported by Amal, with the help of two master artisans.

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