Pug Dogs for Happy Kids

Twenty one pug dogs were customized exclusively for Luisa Via Roma by a selection of the most prominent international luxury fashion designers.

The limited edition pieces featured in a charity auction on eBay, for UNICEF. Two pug dogs were also used in a charity auction on TAOBAO, for One Foundation.

The project united designers, bloggers and fashionistas in support of children in Bangladesh and mainland China. Each fashion blogger adopted and supported a pug to show their support for this project, helping to raise the profile of these one of a kind soft toys and gain interest from collectors from all over the world.

With over 140 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

Widespread poverty and exposure to cyclical natural disasters, such as floods, caused by seasonal monsoon rains have resulted in a critical situation for many children. Especially when poverty and degradation have deprived them of family protection.

Through the project UNICEF Project ARISE(Appropriate Resources for Improving Street Children’s Environment), UNICEF offers the possibility of social reintegration for children living on the streets of the major urban centers of Bangladesh, by means of informal education and vocational training, carried out mainly in schools in these areas where children are temporarily housed.

The interventions are concentrated in cities where the presence of street children is greatest, particularly in the capital Dhaka and other urban centers like the Chittagong district and Baribal.

The first beneficiaries of the project are 3,500 street children between 6 and 18 years, identified as those at the highest risk.

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