12th Havana Contemporary Art Biennial

Created in collaboration with Cuban composer Wilma Alba, the installation will be an artistic and musical transformation of the La Escuela de Música de la Habana, also known as “El Gusano,” the worm was designed by architect Vittorio Garatti..

The work will occupy the entire building, that is incomplete and partially in ruins. Along the length of the building will be an orchestra composed of 70 musicians; 20 strings, 26 woodwinds, 14 percussionists and 10 vocalists. The installation is not an abstract idea but an experience, an emotion, a work of art to interact with.

LUISAVIAROMA encourages the concept of “between idea and experience” that is the base of Zamora’s artistic works and the title for the Havana Contemporary Art Biennial 2015. An artistic model shared between art and fashion. Héctor Zamora intervenes in large scale public places. The materials that Zamora uses have a specific significance about the context of the installation.

With the intent of re-awakening their social consciousness, he invites the local community to interact with his works. He has participated in numerous international art events such as Venice Biennale in 2009, Sao Paolo Architecture Biennale in 2013, and Feito por Brasileiros, Cidade Matarazzo Hospital in 2014, with the installation “El abuso de la Historia” supported by LUISAVIAROMA.

His works have been exhibited in internationally noted museums such as the Guggenheim Lab of Mumbai in 2013, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of New York in 2013 and the Modern Art Museum of Paris in 2012.

Una selección de lo mejor de la artesanía italiana con una curaduría realizada en colaboración con la Facultad de Diseño de la Universidad de Florencia. Para los amantes del arte 100% Made in Italy

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