Eli Azran, creative behind the label, talks an RtA state of mind.

French born Eli Azran and L.A. native David Rimokh had both been working in the business for some time when they decided to create RtA in 2013. The pair’s third partner Evelyn Ungvavi, owner of one of the best stores in L.A., later joined RtA, bringing her merchandising expertise and femininity to the label. They describe their label RtA, “Road to Awe”, as state of mind, a journey to perfection. RtA is based on the idea that clothes should be a form of expression; RtA expresses an androgynous and sensual vibe. The collection is always evolving, growing, and improving, but the idea behind the brand always remains the same.  The clothes are easy, versatile, and crafted locally in L.A. using Japanese denim and leather from French tanneries.

Eli, how did you first meet David?
David and I grew up in the same circles, so we always sort of new each other… we finally had a conversation to see if we could do something cool together… Partnerships are extremely challenging, finding someone who compliments your skills is even harder… with David it was easy, we both respected and trusted each other, and our skills are complementary, so from that standpoint it made a lot of sense.

Why the name RtA (Road to Awe)?
RtA stand for road to awe, the constant journey to bettering yourself… that’s really what this business is about, growing learning and evolving from season to season is the most important thing…

You refer to RtA as ‘A State of Mind’, can you tell us more about this?
It’s an energy, a lifestyle… its cliché but that’s really what it’s about, the collections embody that…..looking cool without looking like you tried too hard

What was the inspiration behind the SS17 Men’s Collection?
It was all about ease and California cool. 

And the SS17 Women’s Collection?
We wanted to show a different type of girl, a more casual but still chic RtA girl.

If you could dress anyone, dead or alive, who would that be? Why?
It would definitely be Ian Curtis from JOY DIVISION. He was simple, and so fucking cool. If I had to pick a girl’s style to steal it would have to be Kate Lanphear, she gets just gets it… she has effortless and easy style.

How do you hope people see RtA fifty years from now?
That we made a difference, stood for something and that we constantly evolved….


If you weren’t designing what would you be doing?
The music business, or something with comedy. lol.

What’s currently on your playlist? 
The Aleph album from Gesaffelstein, some Tupac, Frank Ocean’s Pink + White and Dirty Black Summer by Danzig. 

Special Thanks to Eli Azran
Images & film courtesy of RtA

Video: RtA “I miss you more @ night”
Art director – David Levy
Director – Alex Nazari
Executive producer – Ryan Hahn
Director of photography – Corey C. Waters

Original score – MAYBE
Model – Nicole Trunfio

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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