Petite Meller

A self-proclaimed Freud fan and passionate cinephile, Petite Meller, with her platinum blonde hair and well-roughed cheeks, is nothing short of an enigma

The picture of doll-like perfection, the French-polish artist, who is currently preparing her dissertation in philosophy at the Sorbonne, is known for her angelic vocals and conceptual visuals. The world was first introduced to her nouveau jazzy pop sound in 2010 with the release of Baby Love, undoubtedly her most successful track to date. The frustratingly addictive summer anthem dominated airwaves and ensured all sights were firmly set on the upcoming artist. 2015 saw the release of Barbaric and the return of Petite Meller to the spotlight. Filmed on location in Miami, the video plays into the Florida stereotype as a haven for the over-60 crowd, a group Petite is more than familiar with. “It speaks about my past, because I grew up around really old people”.

The venerable powerhouse is the definition of a fearless creative – visually and musically – who has used both mediums to create her own carefully crafted universe.

In an industry saturated with overly produced, coiffed personalities, she is changing the game for the better, breathing fresh air into the industry and paving the way for a new breed of artists, one track at a time. Her knowledge of fine arts and classic cinema also extends to fashion, Petite singling out Gucci’s Alessandro Micheli and Rochas as favorites.

During our brief conversation in Florence, Petite is quick to share her adoration for the city and her penchant for seemingly random historical facts.

“All the people who discovered America,” she points out “they came from Florence”. She continues, drawing similarities between her own “world of fantasy” and the dream-like destination. When talk turns to the Renaissance, as it often does in Florence, Petite brings up her latest work. Coincidently, her yet to be released track is inspired by discovery. Discovering a new era, a new world, a new territory. Appropriate considering the context.

Special Guest: Petite Meller
Photographer: Sara Mautone
Location: Hotel Villa Cora

Tags: sound of style

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