Le Gramme

LUISAVIAROMA weighs in on the irresistibly minimal men’s jewelry brand.

Grams: A fundamental unit of mass in the international system of units (S.I.)
Representing the mass of one centimetre cube of pure water at 4 degrees C and worth 1/1000th of a kilogram.

LE GRAMME borrows its name from the universal measure of unit, a reference that the young French label has adopted as a source of inspiration and poetry for each unique design. Named by their density and made from sterling silver, the rings and bracelets defy the odds, bridging the gap between functional jewelry and architectural objects.

Each creation is Made in France, the product of roughly twenty stages, guided by the skill of Le Gramme’s artisans. A true marriage of man and machine, each basic shape is used to make a variation – the combination of a metal, a pattern and a finish –  available in several weights.

What is more difficult than offering a present to a man?

That’s the question that Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër were trying to answer when they launched the brand in 2012 with a with a short range of 5 Sterling silver bracelets, a very pure and minimalistic design.

Where did this inspiration come from?
Le Gramme is a creative project based on the object named after its metric weight. Each bracelet: the 7g, 15g, 21, 33g or 41g, is to be worn alone or in a specific formation. It’s up to the owner to create his own combination.

Le Gramme is a men’s lifestyle brand, yet it can also be worn by women. Was this intentional?
It wasn’t intentional. At the beginning, Le Gramme was dedicated to men. At the time, the offer for men’s jewelry was quite scarce, and we knew we had to put forward something on the market. Seeing the women’s demand rising, we decided to adapt the collection consequently: Le Gramme now comes in 5 sizes from XS to XL.

In your opinion, what is it about the designs that make them so appealing to both?
It is more about the huge attention to detail, rather than the design. We aim to create fundamental shapes that come in different widths, and in turn different weights. And to be honest, it doesn’t surprise us at all because we like to say that LE GRAMME is a brand around the object, and object is genderless.

Can you tell us about the unique characteristics of the LVR Special Edition?
First, we are very proud of this collaboration. LVR is one of the leading historical independent retailer worldwide. We admire and respect their international impact and stature. The LVR x LE GRAMME limited capsule edition comes from a conversation we had with their team looking for a “precious black Silver bracelet”.

It’s LE GRAMME’s vision of Italian style: something precious yet masculine and pure

We based the project on the 33g slick brushed black Silver bracelet on which we displayed 6 “baguettes” diamonds with an invisible setting to maintain the radicalism and the minimalism of the brand. The result is very masculine even though it bears precious stones.


Why is it so important that designers approach their collections from an ethical standpoint?
At Le Gramme, we do not pretend to have an ethical approach to our collection, but more of an awareness in the matter. We care a lot about our internal team and our manufacturers – all our objects are made in France with a high level of technology but also craftsmanship. Respecting the environment should be a prerequisite, but first and foremost we care for every single person who’s involved in the development, production, storage, distribution chain of our project… We call them “partners” because without this team, we couldn’t have done any of what we have achieved in less than 5 years.

What holds weight in your life?
It’s funny you ask! We ask the same question to our guests in our #MyLeGramme interview, on our website. We shoot and interview different public figures around and wearing Le Gramme. Erwan (who co-founded the brand with me) and I have actually done it as well.

Special thanks to Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër
Images courtesy of Le Gramme (ph. Victoire Le Tarnec)

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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