Introducing Guglielmo Miani

Guglielmo Miani represents the epitome of Milanese style and is as well-known for his impeccable taste as he is for his relentless dedication to the preservation of true Italian craftsmanship.

Style is written in his DNA, as is a keen sense for business. His grandfather is the founder of Larusmiani, the  luxury clothing and tailoring company located on the historic via Montenapoleone in Milan.

Guglielmo was first introduced to the family business through the style office and went on to work in production, textiles and finally sales. In 2004, he earned the title of Director of Business Development before being appointed as CEO two years later.  Acting President since 2011, the business man and style icon also leads the Associazione di via Montenapoleone – a project designed to represent the top 100 most prestigious brands within the Milan fashion district.

Gugliamo Miani continues to pioneer the fundamental values Larusmiani has stood for since first founded in the early Twenties. This constant pursuit for quality, style and refinement not only sets him apart within the industry, but has played a significant role in transforming one of Milan’s oldest luxury brands and the concept of Made in Italy into a worldwide success.

You live in Milan. What three places would you recommend to people visiting the city?
The Camparino, a walk on via Montenapoleone and Cenacolo Vinciano.

I was a child when I had my first suit handmade by the expertise and passion of the master tailors from our shop.

When it comes to interior design, Milan is considered one of the most important cities in the world. What piece from your own home would you be lost without?
My 1969 Honda H 750 Four, that was my father’s, which now is parked in my living-room.

Larusmiani represents true artisanal craftsmanship and is a symbol of Italian style. How important are these values for the future of fashion and design?
They are essential and timeless values that encourage people to appreciate true Made in Italy design.

What memory comes to mind when you think of your first experience with fashion?
I was a child when I had my first suit handmade by the expertise and passion of the master tailors from our shop.

Take us through your styling process, what inspires your look?
My wardrobe is never without an entirely handmade tuxedo-  to be worn when requested.

Which three words would you use to describe LUISAVIAROMA?
Research, a dash of eccentricity and suitable everywhere.

If you could choose one outfit from LUISAVIAROMA, what pieces would you pick?
All unique pieces rigorously Made in Italy and obviously Larusmiani.

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