OUTPUMP Magazine for LVR: Air Jordan 1 “Bubble Gum”: The Story of the Colorway - 2

What has made the Air Jordan 1 one of the most beloved silhouettes of all time is a combination of several elements: the history, (the shoe was born back in 1984); the very close link with Michael Jordan’s path in the NBA and it’s timeless design. In addition to this, there are apt color schemes and compelling storytelling that the Jordan Brand has always managed to ensure, combining the innovation that distinguishes Nike with the nostalgic feeling of belonging that the Air Jordan 1 has established with its fans.

The year 2022 will also be marked by the arrival of numerous Air Jordan 1 colorways and the star of the month of January is the Air Jordan 1 “Atmosphere”, nicknamed “Bubble Gum”. Translating elements of Michael Jordan’s career has always been the trump card of the Jordan Brand design team and even more so was done on the occasion of this release.

The idea applied to this release has therefore led to the creation of an Air Jordan 1 that references a particular habit of His Airness.

In a career full of successes, there is no lack of incredible anecdotes and curiosities, especially related to his behavior towards opponents, his teammates and, in general, the eclectic way in which the number 23 of the Chicago Bulls was used to face the games. When one thinks of Jordan, the first image that may come to mind is the one of the player intent on dunking over the head of some rival, several meters high, with the ball in his hand and his tongue out, or portraying him frantically chewing a chewing gum, before and during the games. It is precisely this small gesture that this shoe has decided to take inspiration from, a gesture that in turn, at the time, was the inspiration for a brand of chewing gum.

Not everyone knows, in fact, that Jordan lent his face and name not only to Nike but also to a gum brand: Big League Chew. The company owned by Amurol Products contacted the 23rd of the Chicago Bulls in 1990 to propose the launch of “Hang Time” – the name with which the special line of chewing gum would be called. The name, inspired by the gesture that the athlete made while floating in the air before dunking or shooting, appealed so much to Jordan that in 1992, with the help of journalist Bob Greene, he produced a publication of the same name. Against all expectations, however, the chewing gum did not have the same success that partnerships with brands such as Gatorade had predicted, and the production of “Hang Time” was soon suspended, turning these tires into a true heirloom for the most avid collectors.

The Air Jordan 1 “Atmosphere”, or “Bubble Gum” will be released today on the LVR Sneakers Club at 14:00 CET.

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