Whether you follow the Italian music industry or not, it’s undeniable that rapper Marracash has built himself quite the name worldwide thanks to his innovative beats and epic musical career he’s created within the past decade. To rise to such levels of success one must possess a certain amount of determination and consistency, which the rapper has been demonstrating since day one of his journey within the musical world. 

Marracash in LVR for Outpump - 1

From founding his own independent record label to continually topping the Italian charts, the Sicilian-born Milan-bred rapper and producer Marracash is a bonafide star. Not only does he write his own music, he also is sought out by others to collaborate for the next hit. Recently we got the opportunity to dive into the mind of the Italian rapper with Outpump for an exclusive digital cover. Discover the edit and shop the looks.

Marracash in LVR for Outpump - 2
Marracash in LVR for Outpump - 3
Marracash in LVR for Outpump - 4

Production: Outpump Studio
Photo: Francesca Di Fazio
Video: Andrea Schiavini

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