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Sarah Chapman: 270gr Pro pore refiner - Transparent - beauty-women_0 | Luisa Via Roma
Sarah Chapman: 270gr Pro pore refiner - Transparent - beauty-women_1 | Luisa Via Roma

Sarah Chapman270gr Pro pore refiner

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  • Item Code:77I-TYO017
  • Item Color: Transparent
  • 270gr
  • Delivers ultrasonic pore-cleansing for instantly clearer, brighter skin
    • 1. Click button once to illuminate yellow light. Use the flat metalized end on freshly cleansed, damp skin and massage gently over blocked areas – the heat will open pores and positively charged ions will draw dirt to the surface of the skin. After 2 minutes, the device will buzz to indicate the tool has turned off
    • 2. Click button twice to illuminate blue light. Gently massage the flat metalized end over the skin – ultrasonic vibrations and heat will further loosen impurities. The device will automatically turn off after 2 minutes
    • 3. Click button three times to illuminate white light. Flip the device and attach the suction nozzle to begin extraction. Begin on level 1, gliding over taut skin with continuous upwards movements. Device will turn off after 1 minute
    • 4. Clean extraction nozzle after each use by rinsing in warm soapy water
    • WARNING: Do not hold in one place as bruising may occur
  • Due to variations in lighting and screen settings, colors may vary slightly from online image.

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