From Dawn to Dusk: Navigating the Essence of the Winter Style with Annagreta

The Art of Winter Dressing with Annagreta.

Unveiling Annagreta’s latest collection, complemented by a curated selection of LVR brands, including the exclusive Sable x Annagreta collaboration. It is a testament to the founder’s creativity and unique style guided by quality, simplicity, and elegance.

Annagreta Fall Winter 2023

Experience the essence of LuisaViaRoma’s Fall/Winter 2023 multi-brand selection, a blend of fashion, artistry, and transcendent style. At the core of the selection is Annagreta, the contemporary knitwear label showcasing exceptional craftsmanship with the founder’s personal touch. Each design exudes minimalist elegance, serving as a canvas for your style creativity, effortlessly evolving when paired with other designers’ creations.

Annagreta contemporary knitwear
Annagreta wool & cashmere knitwear

A tribute to the ever-evolving zeitgeist, this selection offers a subtle, understated form of luxury, free from the confines of traditional norms: a visual journey from dawn to dusk, effortlessly taking you through each moment of the day while reflecting the spirit of modern fashion. Discover the allure of Annagreta and the Fall/Winter 2023 selection now, and get ready to express your style with LuisaViaRoma.

Annagreta wool jumper and leather Sable beltbelt
Annagreta contemporary knitwear
Annagreta contemporary knitwear fall winter 2023
Annagreta wool jumper, wool scarf and leather Sable belt
Annagreta wool jumper, wool scarf and leather Sable belt
Annagreta contemporary knitwear

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Photographer Gioconda&August @giocondaandaugust
Creative Director Annagreta Panconesi @annagretapanconesi
Sable Brand Founder Agnese Migliorati Stefani @agnesemigliorati
Fashion Director Giuditta Goffredo @giudittagoffredo
Senior Women’s Stylist Flaminia Mineo @minimineoo
Digital Tech Erika Buzin @erikabuzin
Model Sabina Lobova @fabbrica
Casting Director Simo Bart Casting @simobartcasting
Make up & Hair Ezio Diaferia @ezio_diaferia_

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