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With their unparalleled sensuality, over-the-knee boots represent one of the most glamorous trends of the autumn and winter seasons. Often made of leather or suede, high boots are guaranteed to turn heads with their daringly edgy rockstar vibe, especially when amped up with high heels. Also known as “cuissardes”, over-the-knee boots were a favorite style choice of none other than Jane Birkin and can instantly transform any look into an unforgettable fashion statement.

In flat, low-heeled or platform versions, high boots can also provide cozy comfort appropriate for the cooler months. Whichever type of cuissardes you choose, there’s nothing better than over-the-knee boots to give your outfit a touch of captivating and assertive femininity. Among the many reasons why these exaggeratedly tall boots are so loved is their ability to transform any simple outfit into an original look that won’t go unnoticed. For those seeking sophisticated glamour, high-heeled boots in leather or satin are the ideal complement to a sleek minidress and shoulder bag. Pair all of the above with a long trench coat and your refined, elegant diva look will be unmatched.

In classic shades of beige or camel, suede over-the-knee boots provide a more casual option, especially when worn with skinny pants. Paired with a loose-fitting, patterned top or dress, high suede boots offer an effortless bohemian aesthetic that can be beautifully completed with embroidered leather accessories and perhaps even a statement hat. Soft to the touch, the suede cuissardes’ gentle silhouette can just as easily be the perfect choice for a night out with friends as it can be for a casual-chic day look, such as skinny jeans, an oversized sweater or denim jacket.

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