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We love a confident woman in charge, and that defines Varley’s Lara Mead perfectly. Founding Varley, along with her husband, the brand has reached global acclaim in the luxury fashion world. More of a lifestyle brand than your usual fashion house, Varley sticks to it’s ethos as reflected by their statement “Who we are. What we do.” Varley is proud to say they design as a brand with women in mind “we wouldn’t exist without her” The sought-after brand focuses on designing pieces that are worth investing in: quality, long-lasting pieces that are made for women on the move and downtime in our lives. Varley proves activewear can be both used for performance and to make a style statement. We can’t get enough of Varley’s versatile leggings (for going out, working out or staying in), sports bras, jackets, and essentials we can’t be without.

For this feature, we wanted to catch up with Lara about her career, how she gets everything done, her inspirations, and how to style the new Varley drops. Looking for a way to dress up your activewear? Look at Lara’s top picks, such as: an oversized jean jacket, oversized classic blazer, a pair of trendy high-waisted pants, and accessories galore from minimal sneakers, sultry heels, jewelry and bags we love.

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How did Varley come to be?
Ben and I were always passionate about exercise and movement, but it was while living in Los Angeles that we truly embraced fitness and health as a lifestyle. We wanted to create something that brought the fashion consciousness of London to the 24/7 holistic approach to sportswear that Los Angeles had. Varley was born from the desire to be able to wear the same comfortable, functional, clothes for a workout as to a restaurant, and still feel stylish.

How have you stayed motivated and positive during these unprecedented times? What advice do you have for others?
It’s all about routine. From the time I wake up, to when I work out, walking the dog, sitting at my desk (make up on! dressed!) I try to stay in as normal a routine as possible – it has really helped me to stay motivated. When you have young children – my daughter is two, my son is five – you owe it to them to stay as positive and motivated as you can. I do some form of physical activity every day, even when the weather is miserable. Just walking the dog for half an hour makes me feel so much better.

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What is your morning routine like?
We both wake up at about 5AM, we always have done. The first thing I always do is down two pints of water, I’ve been doing it for years! And then I make us both a large pot of coffee, put the news on, we catch up on emails on our laptops, and have an hour or so of peace before the kids wake up. If it looks like the kids are lying in, I do a P-Volve class, or do a Pilates class for 30 or 40 minutes. My little boy gets up at about 7AM; my little girl gets up at 8AM, and I make them breakfast and we eat it together. Needless to say, with such an early start, I get to bed as early as a grandma, about 930pm. I always was an early riser and found that when we lived in LA, where people go to bed earlier and rise earlier, living by the sun, this really suited me.

How do you balance being a mum, a partner, and a successful business woman?
It’s funny because this is still a question that gets asked to women, but rarely to men, which is a pity not just because it continues the stereotype of women “juggling” everything while men do nothing around the home, but also because many men these days do a lot, they deserve some credit! I do everything with my husband, who is amazing, we do it together. I am a parent, not the sole carer of my children; this is a team effort. And perhaps more unusually in a relationship, we also work together. I’m lucky to also be able to run a company with Ben and it’s very much teamwork. I also out-source a lot – I have supportive parents who help, great friends, a brilliant team at work, and a large portion of my disposable income goes on childcare solutions. You can’t have it all, but on the weekends, starting from Friday afternoons where I try to finish work early, I am mum again. I am under a certain boundary – if it’s work, then the door to the office is shut, and I’m working, even if I’m working from home.

What does wellness mean to you?
For me, it’s happiness. Movement makes me happy. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise, it can be foam-rolling for 30 minutes, it can be a Pilates class. If I don’t do these things every day, I don’t feel my best. And sleep! That’s also really important.

What’s on your playlist right now?
Norah Jones. We have it on repeat at home. Both my husband and I love her. We’ve listened for years and find her really relaxing.

Which is your favorite outfit from Varley?
I work out every day so I’m always wearing our leggings and the Vine sweatshirt which I find so easy to style with anything in my wardrobe, whether it’s jeans, suit pants, sweatpants or leggings.

Can you show us 3 ways you’d style the latest Varley drops and how to dress them up? Lara’s different looks are styled throughout our edit.
Today I’ve styled some of my favorite Varley pieces with some beautiful styles from LVR.
Look 1:
Varley Luna Legging & Cary Bra in Burnt Snake, with our gorgeous sweat Adelaine in Ivory styles with a denim Balenciaga jacket (my favourite) and a mini bag from The Row.

Look 2:
Varley Charles sweater in Withered Rose styles with high waisted Isabel Marant pants, dressing the look up with Jacquemus heels, a white lather Marni trunk bag and some gorgeous Jil Sander gold hoop earrings with pearls.

Look 3:
Varley Lune Legging & Edris Bra in Mono Feather styles with an oversized Jacquemus blazer, white Tee and leather padded mule from Balenciaga, gold necklace and canvas bag from Jil Sander. I’ll add a pair of black Jacquemus sunglasses when I leave the house to complete my look.

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Sneakers or heels?
I’m both. I wear heels with my tracksuits, but equally I wear trainers every day as well. I love my New Balance trainers and a good pair of Jacquemus heels never fails to add a touch of glamour when it’s needed.

What advice can you give to moms at home with their kids during this time?
Tear up the rule book! Whether it’s iPads, TV, home schooling, no schooling, just give them a loving, positive home environment rather than subscribing to rules – at the moment anyway.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Spending time with my parents. They got vaccinated this morning!

Who would you most love to collaborate with for Varley?
There’s a whole list of people and brands! Up there on the brand front, I’d love to collaborate with Isabel Marant, individually, I’d love to work with Rosie Huntington-Whitley.

What is next for you and Varley?
We are going into lots of new product categories, including accessories, exciting capsule collaborations… There’s so much!

A very special thank you to Lara Mead.

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