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Game Changers: A creative homage to the icon

A creative story of finding familiarity in a foreign place in celebration of Air Max day and the iconic Air Max 1’s 35th Anniversary.

In search of a parallel between Florence and major cities around the world, we realized that the city is often a hub for young creatives to travel to when seeking to experience life abroad for the very first time, much like in metropolitan cities such as New York, Paris, London or Tokyo. When creating this photoshoot, main inspiration was drawn from that link, and the ability and desire to own yourself in a new city, live in the moment and be aware. To lose yourself just enough to find out who you are in a new place, while still taking control of the situation and feeling like a giant in a city big enough to host your creativity and adventurous soul.

Game Changers: A creative homage to the icon - nike_air_max_day_2
Game Changers: A creative homage to the icon - nike_air_max_day_3

Celebrate Air Max Day

With this creative shoot we celebrate and pay homage to the iconic history of Air Max, and the impact it has had on street culture. The years of its success led to a decision made in 2014, to know March 26th as Air Max Day. It’s a day when fans come together to share their love for the one-of-a-kind shoe. Carrying on the zeitgeist of that era, the innovative shoe managed to stay relevant, soon becoming iconic and continuously winning hearts of many generations of sneaker enthusiasts including ours.

Game Changers: A creative homage to the icon - nike_air_max_day_4

This year Nike has created three different versions of the sneaker to be released on Saturday 26 March: La Ville-Lumière, Blueprint and Wabisabi, dedicated respectively to a specific region of the world: Europe, North America, Asia and Latin America.
La Ville-Lumière, a unique pair with intricate details, depicts a beautiful combination of gray, light bone and white, echoing the city lights of Paris and is available for purchase exclusively on LUISAVIAROMA Sneakers Club.
The new releases for Air Max Day take a literal approach to the design concept by adding a variety of details that nod to the origin of the iconic sneaker.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield and officially released in 1987, the Air Max 1 has served as the foundation of Nike Sportswear’s Air Max legacy and is often viewed as the “it” shoe for collectors that started the global craze in the early 2000s.

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