E=MCM2 is the mass-engergy equivalence equation.

Once seemingly unrelated, the two elements are in reality equal and interchangeable.
E=MCM2 is a metaphor that defines the unique force between the product and person of MCM.

Installation by Felice Limosani

The Craig & Karl Collection

Teaming up with the pop art wiz duo Craig & Karl, MCM continues its commitment of inviting art into the daily lives of fashion connoisseurs and vice versa. The first of a series of initiatives to collaborate with prominent artists, the 'Eyes on the Horizon' limited edition collection evokes a sunny optimism, with playful eyes peering out through pairs of sunglasses recalling sun kissed vacations and the youthful excitement of an endless summer.

limited edition MCM 'Eyes on the Horizon' t-shirt by Craig & Karl
Receive an exclusive, limited edition MCM 'Eyes on the Horizon' t-shirt by Craig & Karl with your next order of any MCM product! Simply add it to your shopping bag.*

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About MCM

Born during the heydays of Munich, German brand MCM embodies the rebellious, yet sophisticated, culturally rich spirit of the city. The art of travel and the spirit of adventure permeate each collection, infused with stylish functionality and crafted by only the most knowledgeable and skilled of artisans in order to meet the same German quality standards established decades ago. Like a treasured heirloom, a signature brass plate bears a number unique to each piece, connecting the owner directly with MCM’s skilled artisans. Timeless, classic, the essence of luxury travel.